Become a better communicator – milk that resolution for all it’s worth

Become a better communicator is a good new year's resolution

Anyone else fascinated by this dichotomy? — although it maybe relative only to those whose long summer break falls over the holiday season.

It determines by a few short weeks that just before Christmas day we’re exhausted, fresh out of ideas, and in need of a rest.

While not long after New Year’s Day, recovered from the indulgencies of the festivities, we’re bounding with energy and stack full of glittery-bauble resolutions about all quarters of our lives.

By about now, most have been already withered at the same rate as the tinder-dry Christmas tree.  Which is no bad thing—we’ve enough on our plates as it is.

Become a better communicator

There is one resolution that merits milking for all it’s worth. Becoming a better communicator.

Poor communication is at the heart of all conflict, relationship breakdown and heartache. Good communication builds trust, sound relationships and persuades people to listen, recall and act.

Especially when it includes purposeful, contextualized story.

If you’re interested in becoming a better communicator and finding out how story can improve professional pitch and presentation communication please contact me at to book a ‘Let’s Talk’ session.
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