The story whisperer

The Story Whisperer

Have you seen the documentary about Diablo, a troubled black panther?  He tells the animal whisperer who visits him, his name must be changed to Spirit.  It is haunting, and poignant to watch whether you believe in ‘whispering’ or not.

Intrigued, I looked it up.  A whisperer is someone who is good at listening to an animal, understanding how they think, and how they want to communicate with others.

Recently, I spent 150 minutes uncovering and crafting an entrepreneur’s story.  I realised as we ended our session and she was extolling the journey we’d been on together, that this is my role.

I am a story whisperer.

Often a person immersed in their own story is unaware of the depth of their insights; the knowledge they have that is innate but not known to others; the micro stories they tell without realising the power of the story.

Story whispering is deep listening, to ask the right questions that draw out insights and uncover the stories that support it.

It helps a person view their value through a clearer lens.  Then it can be woven into a story arc to create an irresistible talk.

A bit like Diablo changing personality to match his new persona Spirit, it’s goose-bump making.

Over the last ten years, I have been immersed in developing ways to teach, promote, and coach storytelling.

This has taken the form of one day workshops, speaking at conferences, one on one coaching, and a 16-week group coaching program. The next program starts on June 3.

More recently, together with Susanna Bevilacqua, founder of Moral Fairground, we have developed eight repeated masterclass modules over four months that you can dip and dive into.

Now I have developed the Story Whisperer package. 150 minutes to tease out your story; uncover the nuggets; weave it together and leave you with all you need to craft your keynote, presentation, or pitch. It is powerful work.

If this is not for you at the moment, do you know someone who might need it? If you do, would you consider referring me? It would be such a thrill to get a call from someone saying they wanted their story whispered after talking to you.

Thank you. The request comes with gratitude for your helping hand,