Go the good teacher

Finding a good teacher is all about clarity

Finding a good teacher is not always easy.

Back in the early wave of ‘internet marketers’, there were the ‘hype type’ who made a lot of money quickly. Apparently, they had a communal epiphany, which resulted in them speaking in the same tongue.

‘I was poor, I slept in my car. Look here I am in front of my mansion/Disney Land with my kids/the Eiffel Tower. Here’s my bank statement showing my monthly six digit earnings . . . buy me, and my teaching and you too can make millions.

After a few rather heartbreaking and expensive encounters, I started a quest to find the ‘real deal’ — a real teacher.  The first person I found was David Jenyns.  He taught me enough in one short three-hour video about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to leverage that knowledge into what I was doing back then.

If you’ve been blessed to have a good teacher you’ll have told stories about them because they changed your life.

They have deep but clear knowledge and the desire to share it. They listen and over-deliver in their answers.  They’re happy to hold your hand over the tricky bits.  They’re excited by their field of expertise and articulate their insights clearly.  They want your success and will work toward it.

They have a purpose, and they tell great stories that illustrate, illuminate and excite.

Go the good teachers.

Finding clarity is often about finding a good teacher.  What do you need clarity in?  visit sandymcdonald.com/clarity-works and contact me for a ‘Let’s Talk’ session.
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