Storytelling through the ages


Decades ago, two people ran a services business. Work was plentiful and based on a need for their expertise. They worked hard and were successful.

Back then, clients were clients.  You serviced their requirements and sent them the invoice.  If you did a good job they came back.  If they didn’t, there were others. That’s how it was.

Things changed.  They asked themselves, ‘was it the economic climate, the change in technology, GenY employees?’  In the end, they sold that business and went off to do something else.

They needed to learn a different business in a new and much more competitive era. 

Clients were no longer just any clients. They were your people with the problems you empathized with.  You had to find innovative ways to solve their pain and then persuade them you had the goods.

They’d been communications experts, but found the old ways of marketing no longer gained or held attention.  They reflected deeply on their experience and saw there was a continuum.  

Without being aware of it they’d always listened to, and told story. They were we. 

Story is now mainstream. We’ve honed our 40-year practice of contextualised, purpose-driven storytelling into a craft and a powerful communication training for business as it must be done today.

Learn more about how you can gain and hold attention through telling contextualised purpose-led stories as a craft.