Stories for the Season

Christmas and seasons stories


Christmas and festive season stories

Stories for the season embody the spirit of Christmas, the festive season and New Year for the individual and collectively. What are your stories?

As a child living in Africa, we were mostly exposed to Christmas images from a glittery, snowy winter.  Even though, as in Australia, it was hot it didn’t detract one bit for me from the magic of Christmas.

We had our own stories to enrich those that came from our distant northern hemisphere neighbours.

The tattered hand-typed Christmas carols books we sang from every year; the same box of musty smelling dress-ups, the often somewhat inebriated, older uncles would don to play charades on Christmas night; the silver threepenny pieces in the Christmas pudding.

This year, I watched my grand-daughter sing Jingle Bells, replacing Santa’s sleigh and reindeer with a rusty ute and kelpie.  She will doubtless take this version with her into her stories of the season.

This is story at work.  Conjuring up history, shoring up beliefs, adding colour to perception to cement our picture of who we and ours are.

Stories don’t always work to capture our truth. It is our choice to reckon with that.

But when they do, they are powerful allies, bench-marking who we are, where we sit, what we care about, what we do for others, what we can and wont do, why we do or don’t, and for whom.

What stories do these seasonal words conjure up for you?

Whatever they are, I hope they bring you peace and goodwill.  And may the New Year shine a light on you and be all things that are good for you, yours, and our planet.

Keep collecting your stories, Sandy

PS. What’s on for the New Year in storytelling?

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