Call to clarity

Call to Clarity one hour session

Why a Call to Clarity?

In the four decades I’ve been guiding entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and academics, I’ve lost count of the people who just want to resolve an issue. They want clarity. Urgently

Sometimes there is a much bigger problem lying behind the immediate need. What they don’t need is a big coaching program, or presentation training.

I’m not one for lists, but see if you can identify with any of these typical examples.

As a start up, business pivoting or established business

I’m struggling to come up with the right name that is meaningful for my business’.  (The problem? No clearly articulated purpose).

‘I have so many areas of expertise, but I can’t work out which I should go to market with first.’  Or perhaps I should do them all.’( The problem?  What I call Multiple Possibility Disorder and an inability to clearly identify their ideal client.)

‘I’m flat out busy and can’t take on any more work, but there is no way I can employ someone else. They could do what I do.  (The problem?  They haven’t separated the high value work they should do with the lower value work they should delegate.)

‘How do I brand myself? My name or my product name, or the service I offer?’ (The problem? No clear understanding of positioning.)

In communication

 ‘I have stacks of content but don’t know how to manage it so it makes sense in my marketing and social media’.  (The problem? No understanding of the principles that support their purpose. Once resolved, content mapping is simple.)

‘I’ve been asked to do an urgent presentation, and it is freaking me out.  I hate public speaking but I must do this or I’ll lose out. ’ (The problem? A lack of confidence in story-telling.).

What do you think of my website?  Do you think it captures what I do?’ (The problem? On review, the website is too dense, too complex, too hard to navigate, not clear, not properly optimised.)

What can we do in one short hour?

In one short hour, what can I do to resolve these or similar issues?

After 43 years in the business, working across multiple communication streams, from marketing communication to online community building and web building; storytelling, speaking, and presentation training; and clarity coaching, I can work through issues pretty fast to get to the clear and logical next steps.

In each of these scenarios, it would be possible to quickly identify the immediate stumbling block and the bigger underlying problem.  There is almost always an underlying problem.

By getting clear on both, it will draw out the logical next steps, which might in fact be to ditch the immediate problem in favour of beginning to sort out the bigger problem.  Or it could be there is a relatively simple solution which leaves the way clear to get on with business or tackle the underlying issues.

With clarity, you banish the noise and heat of the urgency.

During 2020, I am offering aone hour Call to Clarity check in session. You can book a time with me in the booking form below. It’ll be the best noise quietening, brain cooling, clarity inducing, de-risking medicine you can take. The cost for a one hour Call to Clarity check in session is $140.00 plus GST.
PS.  If you believe your problem is bigger than a one hour talk, have a look at my Clarity Works coaching program or Let’s Talk.
Clarity is a beautiful place and intention
is a state of mind that compels action.
When you put them together,
they create a still place.
It shuts out the noise and shuts up the
voice that persuades you otherwise.
It prepares you for the ride.
Then the momentum takes over
and the good work begins.

What others say

Sandy McDonald has brought to commercial fruition our future digital strategy. While we have had a lot of ideas over a long period of time, it has only been through Sandy’s extensive and insightful process that we have gained clarity and direction.

Her relentless focus on customer value and engagement, coupled with her expert knowledge of the digital environment has delivered a result we could not have achieved on our own. While Sandy’s passion, compassion and good humour combine to make the whole experience a pleasure to be part of.  Andrew Donovan Founder, 21st Century Director, Managing Principal, Thoughtpost Governance.

Working with Sandy was amazing. She really helped me through a process to find clarity in why I do what I do, and how I could use that motivation moving forward. I also gained a true understanding of the importance of story telling and how it can help me communicate to others. Thank you sandy for this wonderful gift! James Guiliano Business owner, Liberte Karate

Sandy is someone you want to have in your corner when searching for that elusive CLARITY! Sandy coached me over a three month period to help me cut through the fog of my ideas and pin down the ones that contributed the most to my mission to bring Impact Spending to the world.

She pushed me hard but always with great compassion and I left every session feeling energised and with a list of actionable insights. Sandy’s experience as a speaker was also hugely beneficial in helping me script and prepare for an important keynote opportunity to share my message. Matt Perfect, Founder Impact Spending

‘As a successful business owner of 13 years, I needed to redefine my soul purpose of the business in order for me to launch forward into the future with confidence.

It is through Sandy’s guidance and peeling back the layers of what drives me in my life, that I have managed to declutter the thoughts and ideas that have been congested in my brain and find clarity to the marvels in my head.

Formulating strategies to build strength in my principles to move forward for future opportunities has been one of the most inspiring and rewarding  journey I have taken so far in my career. ‘ Kerrie Murphy, InFinity Pilates Studio, Melbourne