Founder story 9 Pillars

The 9 Pillars to telling a compelling founder story

What do you consider when telling your founder story?

Here are 9 pillars worthy of exploration to tell a purpose-led, contextualized story that will draw and hold attention long enough to inspire action.

Purpose & Principles

As a founder WHY (purpose) are you committed to doing HOW and WHAT (principles) you do?   Can you articulate this in one sentence?

People  & product

Do you have a forensic approach to the people you aim to serve?  Are you in their heads? What do they need?  How resolved is your offer to solve that need?  Is it remarkable?

Positioning & profile

What are you positioning to build your thought leadership?  You the expert? Your industry niche? Your business?  Each has their own voice.


How do you gather your stories?  How do you organize them?  What are the themes, topics, key messages?  Idea worth sharing?

Pitch presentation

Hand on heart.  Is your founder story compelling?  How well does the story convey your value proposition?  Do your people listen intently?  Do they approach you after they’ve heard it?


Does your story reach the people you want to collaborate with?

It’s simple.  If you can’t tell a compelling founder story, clearly, succinctly, directed at an exact audience, you won’t attract those who will make what you’re doing happen—your supporters, clients, partners or investors.

To help you create your story, I have created a 16 week program, Changing Stories Group Coaching.  It starts with foundations skills for storytelling, and includes 3 Masterclasses, Story Construction, Language and Transactional Storytelling, Then we put your stories to work to develop your Founder Story and your three minute pitch as a video script.