Uplifting Story

One story shifts the dial. Collective storytelling makes the change.

In response to an appeal I made on Linkedin to share uplifting stories as a respite to some of the incendiary stuff we’re exposed to online, I was challenged to create a repository of channels from which we could extract such stories.

I’ll be working on this and will update and share it with you on a regular basis.

Then I was introduced to this wonderful initiative, The Great Reset from The World Economic Forum.  

In his opening address, executive chairman and founder, Professor Klauss Schwab says this:

We have a choice, to remain passive which would lead to the amplification of many of the trends we see today, polarization, nationalism, racism, and ultimately increased social unrest, or we can build a new social contract integrating the next generation; we can change our behavior to be in harmony with nature again; and make sure that the technologies of the 4th industrial resolution are best utilized to provide us with better lives.  In short we need a great reset. 

What better way?

Can you think of a better summary of what each of us can contribute to in the forthcoming years post Covid?   Now more than ever is the time to share our collective and uplifting stories of change.

We cannot sit idly by and let others do the work.  We’ve run out of time to do that.  We must act.

Prince Charles who has long been an advocate of Mother Earth, said, ‘To achieve this reset, we must capture the imagination.’  What better way to initiate and support change than by telling uplifting story to shift the narrative.

Uplifting Story

It has prompted my own small initiative (but you know from acorns and all that. . .) a regular online gathering not surprisingly called, ‘Uplifting Story.’

I loved the name as  inspired by a conversation in the Changing Stories Clan to give people the space to tell their stories of change.

Uplifting Story is a sweet double entendre, as it says both stories that inspire, motivate and provide hope, but also, in the act of telling them we’re uplifting story as a vehicle of change.

Here’s an invitation to knock off early on a Friday at 4.30pm, grab a glass and prepare to unwind.

All about story, these are informal gathering to share the stories you’ve told, have heard or read and that’ll bring light into our lives.

Humanity is in serious need of a good dose of hope.  Think of it as the equivalent to a Vit D jab!

Looking forward to your company.  You can respond here.

Take care, stay safe, keep telling your uplifting stories.