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The ripple effect of story snippets

When I need to be out of my head, radio fills a void in the car. Time restricted story snippets, they intrigue and frustrate. Often midway into a story, I’m guessing the start while willing it to the end before the trip is over. For days, I construct what was missed.

Years ago, I caught a bit from the Science Show. Robin Williams is a commensurate storyteller. It was about a device as small as a plug that could be placed in the corner of a body of water. Whirring away to create a ripple effect, it would build the momentum to keep the water moving and free of algae.

The little device took up residence in my head. Whenever we pass such a pond, I imagine this tiny gadget sitting in the corner doing its thing. Whether it’s there or not.

Another time, part of a story about a man who made aware, was appalled at how angry his words were when he spoke to himself. He said, ‘I’d never talk like that to anyone else’. Now, I sometimes catch my voice and am transfixed by it. Have I been that disparaging all my life?

The ripple effects of story snippets can have the same impact on us as a lengthy tale, such is the power of narrative working in conjunction with our imagination. They can’t be discounted as a means to make a difference.

Story snippets are the micro stories we can tell when we present, talk or share our expertise. If you want to know how to use them wisely and to engage, enhance and enliven your communication, let’s have a chat.
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