Will your BigTalk do you justice?

Inside a Big Talk

Inside a BigTalk— our premier presentation training

Working together Inside a BigTalk we begin by bringing clarity to the complex issues you must communicate.

From this sometimes tangled web we:

• isolate the purpose for your talk and your intention for it

• develop a solid picture of the people or person you are talking to

• unravel the fundamental messages and the insights that support it

• unearth the personal and curated stories that will engage and connect with your audience

• chisel out the one eternal truth you have to drive home and achieve your purpose.

Only then do we begin to weave the music and rhythm of your address, in a language and style that is authentic to you and will grip your audience.

Inside a Big Talk is based on long-practised skills as a business coach, clarity specialist, author, and speaker together with my partner, Roger as a speech-writer, writer and editor.

How Inside a BigTalk works

1. Intensive Session

We meet for a facilitated session to:

• review what you may have already written or proposed

• clarify with you the purpose, central theme, audience segmentation, and critical outcome for your talk

• identify and develop emotionally appealing  personal stories

• gain critical insights and data

• structure the talk.

2. Writing and professional editing

Here we inject the metre and rhythm – the verbal rigour and tone – that lifts it to a compelling presentation that will be remembered long after it is delivered.

We can write your presentation with or for you.

3. Coaching support

We are available for advice and support by phone or email and if required, an additional face to face session.

4. Performance review

This is a face to face review to polish your presentation and performance skills in which we deliver critical analysis and feedback aimed at refining your delivery.

Before your final presentation we can listen to your talk remotely, to perfect your performance.

Please contact me at sandy@sandymcdonald.com to discuss how Inside a BigTalk can help you to shine like a star on stage.

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Working with the brilliant Yamini Naidu, we had the pleasure of working with Lisa Leong on her fabulous TEDx Talk.

Here is the full conversation ‘Inside a BigTalk – mastering the challenge when the pressure is on!’