Curiosity is clarity’s best friend

Curiosity and keywords

Curiosity, the key to clarity

To find your purpose you must pursue clarity.  Curiosity is its best friend.  Curiosity is the willingness to keep asking questions to get to the whole truth.

A good storyteller must be in pursuit of the truth, because then they can be impartial, make the right decisions and be willing to serve not sell.

Curiosity builds a personal university of everything you need to reach and connect with your people.

It’s profound research, and it’s at our fingertips.

I’m not a knitter, so when in 2009 I started the charity www.knit-a-square, I had to find out a lot more about what made the knitters tick.

Using keyword research, I discovered tens of thousands of people who were not only dippy about their craft, but desperate to make a difference with it.

Their problem was not having enough outlets for their work.  Did I have a solution for their busy hands and compassionate spirits? Hell yes!

I could ask them to knit a square, send it to South Africa to my co-founder and aunt so she and her volunteers could make blankets to warm orphaned and vulnerable children.

This knowledge dictated the stories I shared with them. To date, she has received over 2 million squares.  The power of story.

Let me inspire your curiosity so you can tell the right stories to help you build your community?  Contact me at


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