The 5 ‘P’ Pillars to great story telling

Story telling and writing as arresting communication for business is mostly accepted marketing lore now.  And yet . . . perhaps not so readily accepted is that story telling is a craft, a discipline, and reliant on all the ‘P’s.

If your story telling doesn’t emanate from a clear PURPOSE—why you do what you do—it’ll lack authenticity.

Without PRINCIPLES—the operating framework that delivers on your purpose—your stories cannot describe what differentiates how you do what you do.

If there is not a deep affinity with the PEOPLE your purpose serves, the stories will skim their surface not burrow into their heads.

When your PRODUCT is a manifestation of these ‘P’s, then every aspect of it is a relevant story, not an endless lists of benefits, features and guarantees.

When you know what you’re POSITIONING— yourself as the expert, your business brand or your industry niche— the right stories emerge to support and build the right PROFILE.

Drifting from these PILLARS, as in the temptation to be all things to all people, and your stories scatter, lost to your listener.  

Get and keep clear on these five ‘P’s, and your story telling is more than mere marketing messages.  It is a conduit to curiosity and truth seeking, elevating your leadership and cementing your domain expertise.

Interested in exploring the five ‘P’s of story telling with me?  Let’s chat.

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