Clarity unearths purpose and stories

Part 1: Clarity. Unfolding the Changing Stories storytelling model

You cannot tell stories with a responsible intention to shift what people hear, think, feel or do, without clarity of the context for telling them — purpose, people, intention and your unique value.

It’s true, many today tell stories to support invested interests that derail, distort or deflect. But Changing Stories is about telling stories to fuel a different energy— to serve in business, and in life. To do good in the world.

It starts with clarity. Nothing can be done well without it. It’s not taught but it should be.

Clarity and Multiple possibility Disorder, and The Offer Coffer

Clarity about why you do what you do for whom is a muslin-fine filter for all communication, especially storytelling.

When you know your purpose, it drives forward motion. You can’t spin in circles, or back track, or suffer Multiple Possibility Disorder when you’re going forward.

Finding clarity is hard work, but when you do, it’s a beautiful place. Purpose is life guiding. Together, they shut out the noise, and shut up the voice that persuades you otherwise.

Then the momentum takes over and the good work of great storytelling can begin.

Entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs, academics, creative people) are opportunity magnets

With a bevy of skills, experience and expertise, the more these creative folk gain, the more ideas present themselves.

Starting her working life as a science teacher, a woman had transformed her knowledge into managing crises for mining companies. Now she was involved in online marketing for small businesses.

That’s quite an array of different skills. She brought to each the rigour of the expertise she’d developed in a past vocation, but she couldn’t clearly identify a direction for her future efforts, and was having difficulty aligning these skills to a passionate pursuit.

A friend was desperate to escape the corporate world. He had accumulated diverse experiences in helping business owners franchise their enterprises. He was also skilled in property development and organizational change management, a speaker and business coach. How was he to combine these talents and present a pertinent offer to his potential clients?

Why Clarity Works

Given the opportunity to speak about deep clarity —of purpose, principles, people, product, positioning and platform, the more stories bubble up, the clearer you will become about what will move you forward toward action in the right direction.

This is where purpose led, contextualized storytelling starts, with clarity. It is the profound inspection, relentless pursuit of the truth and minute exploration that clarity reveals why you do what you do for who, and the stories that serve that.

If you would like a Call to Clarity, contact me here.  I would be delighted to helping you gain the beauty, stillness and power of clarity and to unearth your stories around it.