clarity at work

Clarity at work saving time

clarity at workThere is nothing better than seeing clarity at work, because it’s the little things you get clear on changing that can make a significant impact.

Waiting for a meeting in a small coffee shop – you know the sort, small, crowded, and noisy with people in animated discussion, it’s clear I’ve been stood up.

I’d let people down inadvertently. Too busy to write the details in my phone calendar or in a diary, mistakenly believing I’d remember. So I’m not in anyway irritable with my would-be meeting partner. In any case, she has phoned with sincere apologies.

Instead I pen this update to see if it will cement another of life’s small but irreducible lessons.

I’m wedded to my paper diary, which has made using a digital calendar problematic. That doesn’t preclude sending a 30 second message the day before to confirm, or as often happens I’m contacted in advance anyway. Either way it’s a win!

Small changes in life like these are clarity at work, in this case, that nobody should have to waste time waiting, or rescheduling.

This was in 2010. I’ve only been left at the table alone once since then so this small evidence of clarity at work has saved hundreds of hours. I wonder what price one could put on that.

Clarity at work is all about the big stuff you most need to get clear on to move forward — purpose, principles, people, product, positioning, and philanthropy.  And sometimes the small stuff.  Like saving time.

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