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Story at Work workshop

Good communication really matters. Because it determines the quality of your relationships.

In turn, that reflects on how well you’re heard, acknowledged, or credited and whether your messages stick with those you want to listen, remember and act.

As skill you may be born with it, you may suck at it, but you can’t avoid its impact on your ability to do your work, whatever that is, to maximum effect.

Good communication also measures your success at capturing our scarcest human commodity —attention.

With the deluge of incoming information and hyper-connectivity, it is no surprise that we’ve lost our capacity for sustained attention.

To counter this, successful communication must be delivered with clarity of purpose, be relevant and succinct, defy expectations by providing an immersive experience and have a clear intention.

Hello Story at Work

Why are stories so powerful?  And why should story work at work?

Scientific evidence proves we are programmed to listen and learn from them. It’s how we’ve survived. Now we can use stories to thrive. The research shows people exposed to emotional, character-driven stories recall the key messages years later.

This alone is the most compelling reason to tell the right stories to the right people.

The question is how do you make story work to dramatically improve your communication skills?

Introducing Story at Work

The Story at Work communication workshop is an intimate and interactive group workshop that gives you the tools to make you a compelling writer and storyteller to enrich your communication and presentation skills.

PART ONE: Working with story

You learn the context for telling your stories: why (their purpose), for whom, (your audience) intention, (your call to action) and your value (your unique knowledge and insights).

Then we work together to explore big concepts as a unique method to help you uncover and curate the hundreds of stories housed in your value.

You’re also introduced to a clear presentation framework that enables you to structure and craft your written and spoken presentations.

PART TWO: Crafting story

We work with you on how to craft a compelling story, weave story into a talk, presentation, or pitch and develop convincing voice and delivery skills.

During the day, you’ll tell stories about your work and its value to pack a powerful, purpose-driven message you can tailor for your customers and colleagues.

You’ll develop a repertoire of personal memes, cultural tales, and insights to use in your stories to influence, inspire, market ,and motivate.

You’ll also learn the most common communication traps and how to avoid them when telling your stories.

For many, this training has created a life changing experience as they realised the power of story to pitch and present, and saw how they could use the architecture and frameworks across all their communication, to better connect and engage, build business, and transform lives.

Join an intimate group of entrepreneurs and professionals for an unforgettable learning experience that will transform how you communicate and how your colleagues and clients hear you.

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What others say

Story telling is the new black and as an educator/facilitator and social advocate I was acutely aware of my need to skill up in this area… and this was the ideal course to enable this. Sandy is a skilled teacher and of course – story teller- who effortlessly blended stories into a well structured workshop. I left the day with an architecture and as importantly, the confidence to take the next step. Highly recommended workshop. Thanks Sandy  Maria Simonelli, Telco

My eyes have been opened to the under-recognised power of story to influence and excite. It has changed the way I communicate through all means, whether this be in patient interactions, teaching, presentations, social media or grant applications. Story-power is a tool that can deeply enrich understanding and empower change; quite possibly my secret key to success! Dr Ada Cheung, The University of Melbourne

Packed with valuable information, and skillfully lead with care and encouragement.  Carol-Ann Allen,  Melbourne Psychotherapy Services

Sandy is a natural born story teller and shares her wisdom and professional practice with us, born out of her own rich life experiences.  In this way she demonstrates how to unlock the power of our own stories.  Joshua Nester SEEK

Sandy provides a wealth of information and transmits it in such a caring, articulate way. Her methods are easily understood and able to be adopted easily into your story telling tales. Jo Kingwill

Sandy is great to work with and creates a wonderful environment that lets the stories flow out of you, even ones that you didn’t know were there. She then shows you how to harness these stories and apply them to a purpose. A really great day that makes you more aware of your own capabilities. It really solidified for me that I’m on the right track to do what I want to do. Thanks Sandy! Kimberley Henman

I loved the opportunity to undertake this training. It wasn’t a three-step-story outline plan but rather being given the in-depth tools and techniques to identify and develop an important message then also those for learning how to craft and communicate that message well. I feel empowered and validated in my voice. The content is enriching and resourcing. I think the impact of that will unfold in my writing for some time to come.  I was most surprised to enjoy the component of feeling familiar with strangers very quickly and developing a shared rapport around our stories.  I think I feel vulnerable and cautious around sharing my voice publicly and I felt some trepidation telling stories, even to a small group, but the structured feedback was supportive, constructive and actually felt really amplifying. I haven’t experienced that much and it was an unexpected gift. Talitha Fraser, Administrative Assistant at Trinity College