Power Presentation communication coaching

You’re an expert.  But how well do you engage others when you present?

You have a big presentation opportunity and you need your knowledge to illuminate and shine in front of your audience.

Power Presentation is about working with you to become a persuasive presenter. One that is able to craft and present with elegance, humanity, and conviction so you capture attention, engage your audience and boost recall of your messages.

How Power Presentation works

It begins by unpacking the complexity of the issues you must communicate. 

From this sometimes tangled web we:

• isolate the purpose for your presentation

• get forensic about the people you’re talking to

• identify your intention for them—what do you want them to think, feel or do

• unpack your unique value. 

Now we’re able to:

• unravel the fundamental messages 

• isolate the best insights, and 

• uncover the personal and curated stories that are the key to connecting to, and engaging with your audience.

Then we can look at the structure and language of your presentation to weave the cadence into it that will intrigue your listeners, and hold their attention.

Power Presentation – a three step process

 Powerful Presentation is a three step process, flexible enough to extend to your current writing, speaking and delivery abilities. 

1. Intensive session

We meet for a two hour facilitated session to: 

• review what you may have already started

• clarify with you the purpose, central theme, audience segmentation, and critical outcome for the presentation

• identify and develop emotionally appealing personal stories

• uncover your critical insights and the stories that support them

• structure the skeleton of the presentation.

2. Review

You submit your draft for review and editing recommendations* 

3. Performance review

Once you are comfortable with your script you deliver it for critical analysis and feedback aimed at refining your delivery.

* Professional editing

If necessary, we can introduce professional editing to inject the metre and rhythm—the verbal rigour and tone—that can lift the script to a more compelling presentation. This is a separate cost.

An investment in Powerful Presentation ensures you will:

1. Build confidence as an speaker

2. Understand how to extract the stories from your history, experience, principles and values and put them into context

3. Learn the processes by which you can develop a big presentation for any occasion or audience

4. Build a catalogue of personal memes, stories, and insights

5. Expand your catalogue of expert commentary.

Please contact me here for a swift response if you wish to discuss how Power Presentation can help you present your expertise so your listener is engaged throughout and recalls your key messages.

Download the brochure

Power Presentation brochure

I met Sandy at a dinner less than 2 weeks prior to speaking on stage at an IT industry National Conference.  Sandy & I worked together very closely during the short time to turn my somewhat technical and business focussed content into “my story”.  I knew what I wanted to say but was struggling to make it work, it was Sandy and her skill that helped me turn it into reality.  The engagement and feedback from the audience was fantastic and the Locknote speaker quoted me 4 times in his presentation.  I now have my Keynote presentation that I will use again and again.

Jeni Clift,  Operations Manager DWM Solutions

Sandy is very good at getting the stories out of you and bringing them to life in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Sandy to help you with your talk.

Obu Ramaraj, Senior Finance Broker

Working with the brilliant Yamini Naidu, we had the pleasure of working with Lisa Leong on her fabulous TEDx Talk.

Here is the full conversation ‘Inside a BigTalk – mastering the challenge when the pressure is on!’