PowerComms written and spoken communication training

How to make people listen, remember and act

How do we do that when we’ve lost our capacity for sustained attention? Even the eight seconds Microsoft says is our limit is under attack. 

But, research shows we are programmed to listen and learn from stories. It’s how we’ve survived. Now we can use them to thrive by communicating with more power to hold attention, engage and influence.

And science shows that people exposed to emotional, character-driven stories recall the key messages long after.

Isn’t this alone the most compelling reason to learn how to tell the right stories to the right people?

Introducing the PowerComms Communication training.

Introducing the PowerComms written and spoken communication training

PowerComms communication training is a small group two day experience over two days that gives participants the tools to make them compelling writers and storytellers to enrich their pitching and presentation skills.

Across two days, participants will learn:


• The science of story

• The context for telling stories

• Uncovering and gathering stories

• Why and when to present or tell them

• Crafting compelling presentations

• Presentation and performance skills

• Presenting a three minute talk


• The five writing rules for maximum results 

• Tips for accuracy, clarity and brevity

• How to formulate your writing style

• Grammar refresher

• Humour and jargon

• Rhythm in writing


• Learning to pitch conversationally

• Understanding the pitch architecture

• Writing, refining, and completing a pitch

• Presenting a three minute pitch

Life changing communication skills

As the presenters, we have delivered this knowledge through workshops and seminars to more than 300 academics, PhD researchers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

For many, it created a life changing experience as they realised the power of story to pitch and present, and saw how they could use the architecture and frameworks across all their communication, to better connect and engage, build business, and transform lives.

To book

To find out more about how to involve your professionals in PowerComms communication training, contact me at sandy@sandymcdonald.com and download the brochure here.

What others say

Thank you Roger for your assistance and mastery of written English this year. Greatly appreciated. As the Business Biographer, Roger shows the artfulness to create a compelling and engaging story central to the values, goals, and competitive advantage all businesses need. Thank you Roger for your assistance with simplICIO.com.au. You helped to draw out the important messages from accumulated years of experience, to create a good read that remains of continuing relevance. Eric Kruger CEO Corpsure Asia Pacific

My eyes have been opened to the under-recognised power of story to influence and excite. It has changed the way I communicate through all means, whether this be in patient interactions, teaching, presentations, social media or grant applications. Story-power is a tool that can deeply enrich understanding and empower change; quite possibly my secret key to success! Dr Ada Cheung, The University of Melbourne

Packed with valuable information, and skillfully lead with care and encouragement.  Carol-Ann Allen,  Melbourne Psychotherapy Services

Story telling is the new black and as an educator/facilitator and social advocate I was acutely aware of my need to skill up in this area… and this was the ideal course to enable this. Sandy is a skilled teacher and of course – story teller- who effortlessly blended stories into a well structured workshop. I left the day with an architecture and as importantly, the confidence to take the next step. Highly recommended workshop. Thanks Sandy  Maria SImonelli, Telco

Sandy is a natural born story teller and shares her wisdom and professional practice with us, born out of her own rich life experiences.  In this way she demonstrates how to unlock the power of our own stories.  Joshua Nester SEEK

Sandy provides a wealth of information and transmits it in such a caring, articulate way. Her methods are easily understood and able to be adopted easily into your story telling tales. Jo Kingwill

Sandy is great to work with and creates a wonderful environment that lets the stories flow out of you, even ones that you didn’t know were there. She then shows you how to harness these stories and apply them to a purpose. A really great day that makes you more aware of your own capabilities. It really solidified for me that I’m on the right track to do what I want to do. Thanks Sandy! Kimberley Henman

Learning how to craft and communicate that message well, has empowered and validated my voice. The content is enriching and resourcing and the impact of that will unfold in my writing for some time to come. Talitha Fraser, Administrative Assistant at Trinity College