Craft, present and perform an award-winning pitch

Could you see yourself winning presentation awards when you perform your pitch? Or does the thought of public speaking make you want to curl into a tiny ball of terror?

Many people would sooner die than deliver a speech or presentation. Studies show that 40 percent of people suffer high levels of public speaking anxiety, with another 50 percent exhibiting moderate to high levels. Only a tiny proportion seek help for a condition that Columbia University says has a 10 per cent impairment on wages and 15 percent impairment on prospects.

The University of Queensland says an 80,000 word thesis would take nine hours to deliver. Its world-renowned speaking competition requires participants to present and perform their research in just three minutes.

Even if you can speak in public, communicating your complex research results briefly and succinctly, and as a powerful presentation that has your audience leaning in wanting to hear more, is hard.

PowerPitch Performance BASIC

PowerPitch Performance BASIC takes you through these fundamentals online:
• Script edit
• Presentation skills basics
• Skype rehearsal and delivery tips.

PowerPitch Performance PLUS

If your script needs significant additional work, we recommend you upgrade to PowerPitch Performance Plus.
• Pre-script consultation (90 minutes)
• Structural edit
• Presentation skills coaching
• Skype rehearsal and performance review.

Talk to us about how PowerPitch Performance can prepare you for compelling presentations. Sandy on 0408 935 905 or Roger on 0438 935 905


 It was a real pleasure working with yourself and Roger. I particularly benefited from the time you both took to sit down with me and talk through my research, which helped me understand how you were reframing the presentation of the work for people outside of the discipline. The time and effort you both went to was a great aid for me in really stretching outside of my boundaries and putting myself through something quite different to what I normally engage in. Thomas Bede Payten, PhD CRCOre

Watch Chuhao Liu, 2018 winner of the Cooperative Research Centre Association award showcasing early career researchers.