Get It Right Online.  The Book.

The Internet has made redundant much of what was done before to build business, but it has also enabled a powerful revolution in the way we connect.

We no longer need employment to do what we love. We can create an empire from our mobile devices from any where, at any time, starting at home.

Words we use to describe success in business have softened; they include caring, building trust and creating relationships.

We actively seek others to whom we can give away our most valuable intellectual property.   We’ve become content creators, and a new lexicon describes what we do: we share, pin, tweet, like, link, leverage, re-purpose, podcast, audio, and productise it.

Given these insights, here are five facts about getting it right online that a business owner ignores at their peril.

FACT 1  
Blogging positions you as an influencer in your industry to find, engage and serve your best customers.

 A community that gets why you do what you do and loves it, is your most powerful sales force.

 Purposeful story telling at the intersection of intention and compassion builds community.

 These are two of the most powerful and accessible means by which to supercharge your business and your life.

 When your business purpose and your community are perfectly aligned, it enriches, changes or even saves lives.

Sandy McDonald knows this is how we must now conduct business today and that the Web gives anyone with intention and compassion the power to find, build and energise magnetic clans.

Get It Right Online is an essential resource

This book is for any business owner. It shows you how to harness the passion of people online to supercharge your business and your life, through her 7C Plan framework.

Clarity: identify your passion and discover your purpose

Curiosity: learn to love and employ online research

Coherence: plan to position yourself, your business or your niche

Control: shape, manage and improve your online space

Communication: discover your authentic voice and use it to inspire

Connect: engage, enrol and reward those with whom you connect

Collaboration: share the exhilaration of working with a clan for a common purpose.

This is in part the story of how Sandy McDonald started a clan. A clan that then built itself to tackle the enormity of over millions of children orphaned in Africa. The story takes us on an intriguing journey as this remarkable community proves her belief that the collective inspiration of your clans will impact on local and global issues of disease, poverty, inequity and peace.

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