We can all be goalkeepers

In 2000, the United Nations issued the Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty, address inequality, and climate change among other global problems.

Since then, huge advances have been made.  In 2015, the UN issued the Sustainable Development goals to progress the goals toward completion by 2030.

In 2017, Bill and Melinda Gates hosted the first ever Goalkeepers event, bringing together thinkers, doers and givers to share their ideas for achieving these goals by 2030.

In 2018, DENT, a business training organisation here in Australia, hosted the small business Goalkeepers event. I was fortunate to attend.  DENT challenged us as business owners to become Goalkeepers, on the premise that business for good is good for business.

Progress demands leaders

‘The 17 Sustainable Development goals, are not dreams, they are goals.’ Melinda Gates

Everyone of us can contribute to progressing a goal.  If we are to leave the world healthier, more equal and stable, and poverty-free for our grandchildren and theirs, then we should each step up and become a goalkeeper.