Inside a TEDx talk

Doing a TEDx talk

Inside a TEDx talk

What you teach yourself doing a TEDx talk

Seven years ago, a business friend and I were celebrating completing a business accelerator program and discussing what next.

She leant over the table and said, ’I challenge us to do a TEDx talk.’  I distinctly remember looking at her as if she was hallucinating.

Two years later, at the end of another business course, we were given a remarkable opportunity— to do a talk in front of Jon Yeo, the TEDx Melbourne convenor.  I had a story to tell —we all do.

Recalling the challenge I wrote it, practised like mad, and, without expectation, nervously delivered it.

Just over five years ago, I stood on the TEDx stage and delivered Tell Your Story, Save a Life to a standing ovation.  The experience lives large.

Jon is an exacting coach. I’m a willing student. I absorbed everything he told me about building anticipation, impacts, poise, pauses and delivering an idea worth sharing.

I’d do it differently today—but remain forever grateful for the challenge and the opportunity, to Jon, and to me —that early speaker.  She taught me it was possible.

I’ve practised the craft and learned what works, what doesn’t; the power of story; what moves people; the cadence of a good talk; the minutae of language; the details of truth; the patience of endless practise until you’re so bored you can play.

Everything that’s Inside A Big Talk (a keynote, a TEDx talk, or a major presentation) I’d be delighted to share with you. Just give me a call and let’s see how I can help.