The spare part storyteller

The spare parts storyteller

The spare part storyteller


A friend, a Volkswagen enthusiast and restorer, held us captive at dinner one night on the joy of a car parts swap meeting.  Who would have thought?  His story about ferreting out the exact match for a missing windscreen wiper was completely captivating.

He was communicating his passion for renewing style and beauty, his delight in his successful search, and retelling his amusing observations about his fellow enthusiasts.

Had we taped his story telling at the time, it would have amused and delighted you all.

Imagine he owned a VW parts business and we’d ask him to commit his stories to writing online about Volkswagen spare parts.  Most likely his tone would change as he felt compelled to report it all as a series of facts. The spark extinguished.

But, what if he became the spare part storyteller.

VW enthusiasts would love his stories, as we did.  They’d share them on social media.  He’d became the ‘go-to’ person to speak to on any VW spare part issue.

It’s one thing to list the facts or attributes of a spare part, and quite another to tell a story about it.   The former disconnects, the latter engages and boosts recall.

What’s your VW spare part?  Can you tell stories about them?  If not, it’s a craft and can be learned.

If you would like to find out how to tell your stories, I’d be delighted to have a chat.