Clarity Works and Story at Work Masterclass modules

How are you making your stories work for you?

Do you solve issues that impact beneficially on others of the planet? How are communicating to make your stories work?

Susanna Bevilacqua from Moral Fairground and I are determined to make compelling storytelling accessible so your message is heard, understood and acted on.

We’ve developed these eight one-hour masterclasses based on my storytelling framework, to show you how stories work to communicate your expertise, insights and offer, and to embed them in your pitch, presentations and collateral.


Explores the most captivating lens for irresistible storytelling— your purpose and principles.  Stories work when you have an articulated purpose and a set of identified principles—the immutable laws by which you operate—so your communication is  purpose-led, and relevant to your audience.


Understanding your people through exploring the trust matrix to build a deeper affinity. Presents you with the many ways in which you can examine their challenges, as this make stories work to specifically address them.


You have inestimable value but that doesn’t mean you see or use it. Your uniqueness lies in the intersections of this experience and expertise. Unpacking it reveals your best stories.


Your experience and knowledge collect the insights (facts in context) that give credibility to your wisdom.  Too often they are expressed through data and statistics, instantly forgotten.  Wrap them in story and it’s profound communication, boosting recall of the facts and cementing prescience in your field.


A modelling framework which helps identify your principles, and from which you build a one-page proposition. It unpacks the complexity of your offer creating a compendium of targeted, stories that work to ameliorate the issues your people have.


PART 1 deals with structure and context. We work through story context and collection, organising your stories, and working through the classic story arc.

PART 2 explores the craft of storytelling, how you use language, open your stories, and employ rhythm and cadence to captivate your listener.


It doesn’t matter how impactful your work is, unless you can pitch clearly and compellingly, the right people won’t hear it.  You’ll learn the structure of effective pitching and how to identify your key messages and extract the stories that will work  best illustrate them.


You’re an expert, but that doesn’t mean you shine from the stage.   We discuss what you need to become a persuasive presenter; one able to craft and present with elegance, humanity, and conviction so you capture attention, engage your audience, and boost recall of your messages.

If you want to understand how stories work to make for compelling communication, this is an accessible, easy way to start the craft, practise it and hone it with me.

See the schedule below, pick your dates and book in!  See you soon.