founder story

Your founder story in your words or ours

Can you see yourself on the same page as Geoffrey Chaucer?

Chaucer authored the most influential works in English prior to Shakespeare. He earned a justified reputation for innovation and invention. His late 14th century masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales, is still the central pillar on which English literature rests.

Your achievements as a founder may not quite rank with Chaucer’s glories. But they should grade highly with those who benefit from the products, service, knowledge, and wisdom you provide.

Why you should tell your founder story

As Covid-19 winds us further into uncertainty, what can you do to preserve and progress business continuity? The best place to start is with your founder story, the window on your past and your passport to the future.

Our Founder Story package is no mere exercise in ego. Together, we unearth the story nuggets around the pivotal people, events, and challenges that have brought your enterprise to its current heights. Our packagehelps you:

• Capture the history of your pilgrimage, including the struggles and the set-backs

• Demonstrate a record of purposeful and ethical endeavour

• Honour those who contributed to, or remain part of your success

• Exhibit your authority and credentials for the next phase of your value exchange

• Identify the ideal platform or stage to deliver your story (a keynote speech, TEDx talk, web content, a book, white paper and other outlets).

You . . . or us . . . or both of us

Your choices: We do it with you (DIWY), or we do it for you (DIFY)

We are skilled writers and story-gatherers who work with you through a tightly formulated, proven process. With DIWY, you can choose the level of control and involvement you want. 

With DIFY, we handle the entire process for you.

Your investment

DIWY—$2,365 including GST gives you three 90-minute sessions with master story-telling coach, Sandy McDonald. Sandy works through all the key issues such as purpose, vision, and clarity. The cost includes full transcriptions of sessions to help you with your founder story draft. Roger McDonald, long-time, journalist, editor, and writer then takes over to polish it to perfection. Sandy concludes with a performance review.

DIFY—$3,025 including GST again gives you three 90-minute sessions with Sandy and Roger, plus with full transcriptions. Roger then produces your key document, plus a further three articles for use on your website and Linkedin profile. Sandy concludes with a performance review.

If you would like to know more about how Founder Story unfolds, please contact me, or book in a one hour Call to Clarity session.

What others say


I met Sandy at a dinner less than 2 weeks prior to speaking on stage at an IT industry National Conference.  Sandy & I worked together very closely during the short time to turn my somewhat technical and business focussed content into ‘my story’.  I knew what I wanted to say but was struggling to make it work. It was Sandy and her skill that helped me turn it into reality.  The engagement and feedback from the audience was fantastic and the Locknote speaker quoted me 4 times in his presentation.  I now have my Keynote presentation that I will use again and again.
Jeni Clift, Founder and BM, DWM Solutions

My eyes have been opened to the under-recognised power of story to influence and excite. It has changed the way I communicate through all means, whether this be in patient interactions, teaching, presentations, social media or grant applications. Story-power is a tool that can deeply enrich understanding and empower change; quite possibly my secret key to success!
Dr Ada Cheung, The University of Melbourne

Sandy is someone you want to have in your corner when searching for that elusive CLARITY! She helped me cut through the fog of my ideas and pin down the ones that contributed the most to my mission to bring Impact Spending to the world. She pushed me hard but always with great compassion and I left every session feeling energised and with a list of actionable insights. 

Sandy’s experience as a speaker was also hugely beneficial in helping me script and prepare for an important keynote opportunity to share my message.
Matt Perfect, Founder, Impact Spending


As the Business Biographer, Roger shows the artfulness to create a compelling and engaging story central to the values, goals, and competitive advantage all businesses need. You helped to draw out the important messages from accumulated years of experience, to create a good read that remains of continuing relevance. 
Eric Kruger, CEO, Corpsure Asia Pac.

Many, many thanks for editing my book and doing such an amazing job. A pleasure to work with you, your intellectual rigour, command of the language and brilliant editing skills were all much appreciated.‘Thank you so much.
Yamini Naidu, Author of Power Play: Game
changing inFluence strategies for leaders

Roger’s long experience as a journalist, business writer, editor, and creative author, makes him the ideal ghost writer for a business like ours. As an economist, I spend most of my time consulting to governments and corporations dealing with complex, forward-looking strategies. Having Roger by my side to capture and re-interpret complex eco and geo-political concepts for business consumption is a gift.

‘He is a talented, meticulous fact-finder and an eloquent author. He has the added advantage of decades of business experience and a keen eye for political and economic history.  He can—I think instinctively—find not only the right words but shape them to a style and format my audiences want to read and can instantly understand. 

‘I cannot recommend Roger too highly and would be glad to discuss this in a call.’

Ryan Babbage, Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist Streategy Hubb